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Posted by dj-KDUB - December 4th, 2008


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Why do you care so much about ratings?

when you spend fucking hours on a song, just to see it get zeroed, its a little annoying. can't you agree?


its not a laughing matter.... and you wouldnt know. you haven't contributed anything. plus ur 14.... let me know when ur balls drop and then we'll talk

I've been doing that to one user, but he somehow gets away with submitting stolen/badly recorded songs he got off of youtube. But since you're not doing either, you should know it's not me.

But seriously, you shouldn't get that pissed that someone doesn't like that you made, it makes you seem conceded. I know, that'd piss me off too, but it's probably someone who's mad at you for blocking them, but I'm not sure. You should just vote 5 it back.

...Happens to everyone. No exeptions

Ill say it again: EVERYONE get's 0-bombed in the Audio Portal. And there's NOTHING that ANYONE can do about...which sucks.

Its not one person, its anyone who would consider your song competition in gaining the Top-5-of-the-Week placing.

Dont look to NG for an accurate scoring of your work. I listened to your song, and its better than the score would say. So just don't worry about scores dude, because it will drive you insane.

In terms of "putting shitloads of work" into your songs: Most of the stuff on here has had a considerable amount of time and effort put into them. So dont think that that will stop the bombing.

As I said, it sucks. =D

I dont see the problem... Focusing on the negative will get you down anywhere in the world, not only here. Seriously, if all people were happy with what you were doing i think it would feel a little weird. I'd much rather have a supporting group which i know "is there for me" i know its the internet but the same goes for everywhere else.

There is no age requirement for voting on submissions on NG and the kids can only see the good in the genres they like, hell, even grownups tend to do that if theyre in a bad mood.

Look at the average of your reviews, i think theyre all over 8, then look at your scores, theyre all over 4. Then look at the complexcity of the reviews and remove the dimwitted ones. For an example i saw this guy giving a review of your song 0 and the headline was "great job"... that tells me more about the user than the song and i simply skip it laughing a little.

You're welcome to tell me im wrong, but unlike tyler i speak with experience, i've been depressed for 5 years and if you let everything ppl say get you down you'll be miserable. You would be better off closing Entry #8 and starting a new one about ideas for your next song so you can look ahead.

Take care

damn dude. ur absolutely right. i've realized now that i honestly dont give a fuck about what people think of my songs. u either like or hate it, but i enjoy making them and thats all that matters to me. thanks for opening my eyes man. respect.