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thats funny dude. good job. a little depressing but good nevertheless

sirjeffofshort responds:

I guess it is slightly depressing when you think about it... that's why I spend most of my time trying to think about stuff as little as possible. Haha. Thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed the cartoon.

haha tite

well done!


sweet. i especially like the fire.

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this game is impossible lol

haha. its pretty addicting. the darn bunnies seem to be going faster and faster every time you miss.... but whatever. still pretty entertaining. needs some sweet music though!


haha. thanks for using my song man! great game!

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The second it started playing, I was like "I FUCKIN LOVE THE DRUMS." that raw sound is fuckin filthy. where'd you get those drum samples?!?!?! love the use of simon and garunkle as your melody. hella filthy dude. keep it up


woah dnb?

there are no drums it seems. I mean i kinda here some kind of percussion in the background, but drum and bass is all about emphasis on the drums! your melody progression is good but could use some variety. the whole song just seems like build up. I know its a preview, but #1 on top 30?!?! sorry bro but i don't know if it really deserves it. put some powerful drum and bass kicks and snares and some fast raw hats and it will be a decent song. keep workin buddy


sick dude

aren't you glad you got nexus and vengeance? haha. this song is hella good. the melody work is incredible as always and your drums are getting much better. The transitions were decent. The one at 1:30 could have been worked a little better like the person said before me, but other than that all i can say is good job. You've really improved. i love how it never gets repetitive at all... keep up the good work!

oh and if you get a chance, take a look at my new submissions. I put some demos up of songs that will hopefully be on my album.


Ephemeral-DFP responds:

Ya im soooo glad that i got them, they help so much. Ya some of the transitions need work but I kinda just got tired of workin on this song so I just decided to put it out how it was.
Ya I'll check out some of those demos, thanks for the review.

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