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New Songs Soon...

2008-12-11 00:48:22 by dj-KDUB

Hey guys,

So on a different note....

I have a bunch of songs in the making right now. i've been experimenting with different genres. as you might have noticed from my most recent song Heaven and Hell i have been really working on my melodies, and have taken up a more upbeat "chill" style. as for my latest one, i've been working on a dance/techno song thats coming along nicely.

I'm a little hesitant to upload anything new because of the recent votings in the last week or so. I'm considering making an album with the songs that i'm working on currently, so i might not post anything new for a while. if you'd like to check out what i'm working on, hit me up with a pm and i'll give you some demos.

thanks for checking my music out :)


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2008-12-31 03:49:26

Checkin through ya shit homie. Good to see you still posting stuff up. And I still need to show you the ways of the underground hip-hop beat D:

dj-KDUB responds:

haha. yeah man. still waitin...


2009-01-01 12:36:32

Message me your hotmail or aim sn so then we could speak and shiet :3

dj-KDUB responds:

gave you my email in a pm.... hit me up